Hangin’ & Sangin’ brings you thoughtful conversation and intimate performances by some of the best roots artists around, from Americana to folk, country, blues, bluegrass, Southern soul, and rock & roll.

  • “Conversations with Kelly always feel less like an interview than a discourse about the things that make us tick… be it music, film, family, food, our passions, insecurities, loves, and hates. I invariably talk about things I normally wouldn’t, and I’m sure that’s because of her disarming and compassionate nature.”

    - John Paul White, singer/songwriter
  • Hangin’ & Sangin’ was one of the rare appearances I made during the release of my last album that went more than skin-deep into the songs and the story behind the music. There are precious few opportunities for artists to have a thoughtful, nuanced discussion of their art; it’s the kind of conversation that artists relish and fans adore. Kelly McCartney is smart, engaging, and fun!”

    - Gretchen Peters, singer/songwriter
  • “The Hangin‘ is sometimes political, sometimes witty, but always personal, relevant, and thoughtful. It’s an authentic dialogue, and you are drawn in and connected, like accidentally witnessing a private conversation between friends. By the time you reach the Sangin‘, you have both a deeper understanding of and appreciation for both the performer and the performance.”

    - Nancy Stosik, fan
  • “It has been about 25 years since I started making records. In that time, I have spoken with quite a few interviewers. Kelly is great at putting a person at ease and always knowing her stuff. She does the research. You can always tell when an interviewer cares enough to find out a bit about you before the interview, and it makes all the difference in the world. I am a huge Terry Gross fan. I think she is one of the best interviewers going because she does the research. Kelly is the Terry Gross of music journalism. I am a big fan.”

    - Kim Richey, singer/songwriter
  • Hangin’ & Sangin’ is a treasure. Kelly McCartney is a remarkably insightful and keenly intelligent interviewer whose deep love and respect for music and its creators comes through in every show. Kelly approaches every interview and performance with tremendous care and painstaking attention to detail. Hangin’ & Sangin’ is always a great experience, and those interviews and performances has helped open the door to many other opportunities for artists.”

    - Regina Joskow, publicist
  • “With Hangin’ & Sangin’, Kelly has created an entertainment experience that balances engaging, thoughtful content with humor and fun. During the interview, Kelly spoke with a deep knowledge of her subject, but the conversation was also accessible and imbued with humor. I wasn’t previously familiar with her guest, but their easy rapport and intriguing stories left me wanting to know more. I also enjoyed the live performance and the way it added context to their conversation.”

    - Stephanie Koehler, fan